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Black Lives Matter awareness campaign

and how you can help during February 2021


What is the campaign?

The tragic death of George Floyd was felt globally which sparked Black Lives Matter protests; this drew the public attention to the systemic racism still present in our society. Although the Black Lives Matter movement started in 2013, the movement has gained a significant amount of attention in 2020. To continue this momentum int 2021, Worcestershire partners are running a Black Lives Matter awareness campaign.

 The Black Lives Matter awareness campaign will run through the whole of February coinciding with America’s Black History Month. The aim of the campaign is to dedicate online space for local voices to be heard and to raise awareness about systemic racism. To achieve this, local authorities, local services, and community organisation and residents will be posting during the whole month to raise awareness through educational posts. They are also encouraged to start their own initiatives and host their own events during the month. Due to current restrictions more activities will now take place later in the year and we are focusing on the digital campaign. Alongside this we are inviting young people to express their views on the Black Lives Matter movement and racism through arts and crafts, poetry, music or any other creative way, to start a discussion.

 As well as being a huge global issue young people also told us that BLM is particularly important to them. It’s about a range of social issues including supporting democracy, human rights, social justice, tackling hate crime and empowering people to make a difference in their communities. This is why we are promoting the campaign to schools and encouraging them to help young people have a voice.

 There is a wider view that racism is more of an important issue in other countries than in the UK. However, racism is still prevalent in the UK and is a deep-rooted problem in our society. Therefore, a system change is needed to tackle it. To achieve this, discussions are needed about racism to gain a full understanding of the root causes. Having conversations about racial inequalities is an important first step, because there is no single version of discrimination. Consequently, we need to hear from a range of people from different backgrounds, to seek out and address systemic issues that contribute to inequality and to unroot our own unconscious biases and prejudices. To address the racial injustices in our society we need everyone to participate as it is everyone’s responsibility to tackle racism. To gain this understanding the campaign aims to encourage and create an inclusive space online, to open up a dialogue between people and empower people to act. From this we hope our awareness campaign will continue the conversation throughout the year, challenge people on their views and educate each other to start tackling these issues.

 Who it is aimed at?

We welcome everyone to show their support for the Black Lives Matter awareness campaign, regardless of race. In particular, local authorities, schools and community organisations are targeted to show support for this campaign as well as young people.

How you can get involved?

We are asking local authorities, public services and community groups to post on their social media about the Black Lives Matter campaign and racial inequalities during February 2021. The posts should be informative and related to the campaign, but the content of each post can be tailored to what the local authority, public service, and community group want to say. The posts could include information from resources such as the BlackLivesMatter website or from the news, sharing or hosting events such as a talk or an consultation, posting local experiences, how they are or going to address inequality in their workplace e.g. through training, or incorporate it in their own work such as libraries can promote books on the topic. When posting on their social media, they should include hashtags to make the post easier to discover and create a conversation.


#BLMawareness    #BLMworcestershire2021


#BlackHistoryMonth2021          #standupspeakout

#getinvolved #BLMstandtogether    



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