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New Lifeline is still operational and available for new installations. We have a team of staff, equipped with the appropriate protective gear, visiting vulnerable people to install emergency alarm equipment. The visit is brief and the personal interview is done over the phone.

We are now able to provide sufficient instruction for ‘self installation’.  If the service user does not want a home visit we will drop off pre-programmed equipment to be plugged in. It’s very simple.

We are providing daily reassurance calls for those without contact or company. We are in touch with community groups and social services. We are sign-posting and making referrals for people who need a little extra support.

We can mobilise quickly (usually within 24hrs) where there is an urgent need so please get in contact if you think we can help.

If you know someone who is isolated, anxious, ill or frail and could benefit from being able to call for help and would value the reassurance and peace of mind our service brings to users and their families, contact us on 01527 534060, or email

Lifeline Leaflet