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Anti Social Behaviour

A quick guide as to what it is...
Anti-social behaviour means "any behaviour from any person that causes another person harassment alarm or distress". This means hurting or upsetting someone.
During the summer months we tend to see a few more cases of ASB (Anti Social Behaviour), although, ASB is NOT just caused by young people! ASB covers many different types of behaviour, some which you might find is a part of your daily life without even realising the effects it can have on others and the consequences you can face.
Types of anti-social behaviour include:

•    Graffiti and vandalism
•    Littering or dumping rubbish
•    Misuse of fireworks including using them late at night
•    Shouting or noisy behaviour in places where this might be annoying or upsetting (e.g. outside someone's house)
•    Using rude, abusive or insulting language
•    Threatening  behaviour or bullying - including on the internet or via mobile phones
•    Uncontrolled or dangerous dogs
•    Assaulting someone or threatening them
•    Stealing
•    Joyriding or using vehicles in an anti-social manner (for example noisy radios, wheel spinning)
•    Drinking alcohol in the street
•    Rowdy drunken behaviour in the street.
Some antisocial behaviour, are crimes and punishable by the law. Each case will be treated individually. Anti-social behaviour is widespread and takes many forms.

The Police and Council work together in partnership, identifying and then trying to resolve these issues.