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Cyber Crime

The “Cyber Street” campaign, launched by the Home Office, aims to make people more “streetwise and savvy” in protecting their online interests and transactions. It seeks to educate small businesses in particular, as well as individual consumers, on how to avoid falling victim to sophisticated cyber criminals. 

Anyone using computers is vulnerable if they don’t take appropriate safeguards and regularly update them.  The campaign also aims to change attitudes, raise awareness of the cyber threat and make explicit the connection between people’s actions in the digital world and real life consequences, both in financial and reputational terms”.

Basic security measures for all computer users, include:

  • Download latest software and anti virus updates.
  • Use complex passwords.
  • Never download something if you don’t know its origin.
  • Delete suspicious emails before opening.
  • When buying online, check for the padlock to know it’s secure. 
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