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Safer Jogging

Avoid running into danger!

Joggers ImageIf you're running or thinking about running around the streets or jogging through the local park in the mornings or after work, spare a thought for how you can do it safely. Unfortunately, whilst not common, attacks on lone joggers or walkers do happen so it’s advisable to take extra care.

The best idea could be to join a running club or arrange to go running or jogging with friends. Not only will you feel safer but you can motivate each other as well.

If you do go out alone, plan your route carefully. Whenever possible, stick to well-lit, open and well-populated areas where you can be clearly seen and where you can see anyone approaching. Try to avoid quiet areas and heavily wooded areas where a person could be concealed.

When running along roads, it’s always a good idea to run in the direction facing oncoming traffic to avoid kerb crawlers. It’s also advisable to vary the route and timing of your run whenever possible.

Stay alert to your surroundings because the sooner you become aware of potential danger, the easier it is to avoid it. This means using both your eyes and your ears. It can be tempting to wear earphones and listen to music when running/jogging but they can prevent you from hearing danger approaching, so it is advisable to avoid wearing them when out running alone.

If possible carry a personal alarm with you in case of emergencies and consider carrying a mobile – but keep it concealed and only use it when you have to.

It can be tempting to push yourself to your physical limit when out running but try to ensure that you always have enough energy in reserve to run away from danger.

Finally, always listen to your instincts. If something looks or feels wrong, it probably is. Don’t wait for your fears to be confirmed; play safe and move away from the situation or person as quickly as possible and head towards other people. Remember, there really is safety in numbers.

Article courtesy of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust

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