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Integrated Offender Management

Integrated Offender Management is an overarching framework that allows local and partner agencies to come together to ensure that the offenders, whose crimes cause most damage and harm locally, are managed in a coordinated way.

Local integrated offender management approaches differ from area to area, reflecting local priorities, but there are common key principles. These include:

All partners tackling offenders together.

Local partners (both criminal justice and non-criminal justice agencies) encourage the development of a multi-agency problem solving approach by focussing on offenders, not offences.

Delivering a local response to local problems.

All relevant local partners are involved in strategic planning, decision-making and funding choices.

Offenders facing their responsibility or facing the consequences.

Offenders are provided with a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

Making better use of existing programmes and governance. This involves gaining further benefits from programmes (such as the prolific and other priority offenders programme, drug interventions programme, and community justice) to increase the benefits for communities. This will also enable partners to provide greater clarity around roles and responsibilities.

All offenders at high risk of causing serious harm and/or re-offending are 'in scope'.